Miss my friends



I met my lovely friends Jamie and Amanda online before meeting in Sweden. We were doing pretty good at the long distance friendship thing, but man, seeing them in person made me realize that it is hard to leave and go back home. I miss them a lot.

No matter how often we talk/chat on the phone, there’s something so uniquely wonderful and satisfying about in-person friend time. After going to the airport, I felt so sad and couldn’t resist compiling a list of some of the things I miss most about living in the same city as my beloved friends. I really miss our hanging out, Fika time, training together, common jokes and laughs. I still remember how we understood each other without the need of explaining.


Me and Jamie had much in common that I felt she is my blonde version. We used to switch back and forth effortlessly between deep, serious topics and ridiculous, superficial ones. It’s usually tough to find people with a healthy balance of the two, or who can effortlessly switch back and forth between the two. WOW it was great to feel comfortable enough together to fully express both sides of our personalities. 

In the end of my trip I bought two fluffy pigs, one for me and one for Jamie and we both called them “Piggy J” #JJ BUT that’s another story ..  We had dinner then hugged and didn’t wanna let go but we promised to meet soon and stay in touch. 

If you ask me, best friend hugs are the best kind of hugs, and damn I do miss them when we’re apart!