About me

A woman so full of contradictions. No need to understand all of my duality. Accept me for who I am, not what you expect me to be!!

I’m from Egypt, and because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed, because if I fail, no one will say, she doesn’t have what it takes. They will say, Women don’t have what it takes.

Journalist – Social Media Trainer & Consultant. I am ambitious, self-made, workaholic but down to earth person. I covered different topics in my fifteen-year career in media and journalism which moulded me in being versatile, a fast learner and a very good listener.

I have also experience with various aspects of social media, including: online video platforms, blogging platforms, viral marketing, Twitter & microblogging, and Social networking (esp. Facebook, LinkedIn). I have a deep practical and theoretical knowledge of customizing brand monitoring strategies.

The social media campaign I developed for the European Training Foundation, an agency of the European Union, has won IABC’ s Gold Quill and EMErald Awards 2011

This is the first time a prestigious Gold Quill, the ‘Oscar’ of communications, has been given to an agency of the European Union.

I like to balance professional & family life. Love traveling the world and explore the new opportunities. Professional life gives me exposure, confidence & sense of achievement. My favourite pastime is to English movies, reading comic books and I’m a gymrat.