To my Ophelia

Ophelia 💚 Rest In Peace!!

Born: 12/02/2008

Left: 10/10/2021

Love is love, loss is loss, and pain is pain. My words will never be adequate.

To my life companion, my best friend and kid, to my Ophelia: You brought me enormous joy. You gave me a kind of loyalty, devotion and unconditional love that I could not find in the more complicated relationships with relatives, relationships or friends.

My heart is broken. You were a witness to my adulthood. You were a soft, gentle and a warm spot in my life. You were a source of comfort. I’ve cried so many tears in hard times while holding you.

I have been in heaven every time you came to sit next to me.

I feel uncomfortable in my own skin when I make our bed and you aren’t there, playfully swatting at the fitted sheet and burrowing underneath, then pouncing like a little snow leopard.

No matter how many friends I may have, there is still something missing. When I return home and open the door, when I see a certain spot in the house, when I get into bed at night and turn off the light, there is an emptiness.

Ophelia, you will always be in my heart. Your love, friendship, beautiful spirit, and grace were such a blessing. Thank you for sharing your life with me and giving me the gift that was you. I will never forget you.

Losing such an important part of the family is never easy. And saying Goodbye is never easy, I’d rather say “until we meet again my love”. 🕯

Love, Mom!

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Winter vibes 2020

Here comes the last month of the year, December is here and it’s almost Christmas time.

The weather outside is freezing. Mostly it can be quite challenging to survive the cold weather, the short days, and the dark nights in Sweden.

But to embrace this season, I usually go for long walks, enjoy coffee breaks (Swedish Fika), cuddle up with my cats under a blanket, watch Xmas movies and enjoy a hot cup of tea.

How about you? Are you surviving the cold nights? Are you somewhere warm?