Thanks to my dream team!!

I sat alone at night wondering why things happen that way. Why do we have to get hurt and feel the pain that comes upon us? Life is such a huge struggle and we will never really be able to understand it.

I fight everyday to stay sane but things continue to happen to me making me feel like going crazy. I wish crying would wipe it all away after the last tear drop. Its never over it only sleeps. My heart feels like its about to burst with all of its sadness and when I feel that I have finally found that certain happiness to take its place, it all happens again practically the same way. My world seems to be set on a loop, with different characters each time.

We fight battles everyday with our bodies, mind and soul. We just have to push through and make the best of it.

I realized that we need to Live, Love, and just Learn from it all. Don’t let anything drag me down or make me less then what I truly am. Keep smiling and have my whole life ahead with bright eyes and clear skies.

Challenging others is easy, but supporting them is a bit more difficult. Give to them what I wish I could receive and build a stronger individual through a stronger group.

Today in the middle of a stormy sea, I found angels without any wings, blessing my life with the most precious things (love and support).

Thanks to my friends, to those angels who welcomed me in their group (our group), and make me feel that I’m enjoying a sunny day with them.


2 thoughts on “Thanks to my dream team!!

  1. Wow,yasmeen le me congratulate you ,usually i avoid long pages or long web sites,but when i stared reading your blogs i did not want to stop ,as we say in arabic”hlouw” it means so sweet.
    So you can help me to make mine better ;won’t you
    Big hug
    salima from algeria

  2. Hej hej, my lovely Salima, thanks alot for the nice comment, which will give me more energy to write more and more, I saw your blog, the pictures are so nice, if you want to keep them without articles, so you just need to have some catchy headlines with little description a little, you are targeting people who don’t know (put this always in your mind) and i’m for it, just tell me what do feel to make it better? I will help lovely.

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