I hear your song!!

This is my land, I was born here, and I will not let you rule.
I will sit here defending my freedom. Give me liberty or give me death, give me the ability to think, the ability to express my thoughts, or the ability to act. You may take my arms, my legs, my voice, or my life; but you cannot take my freedom.
I am free, and I will fight to free my land.

Some think that, we are no longer a free people and instead have become, for the most part, a nation of sheep who are unwilling to stand up for liberty and individual rights and instead have decided to go along in order to get along, but I believe, however, that more and more people are beginning to realize the folly of this position and are starting to find the intestinal fortitude to stand up to those people who continue to insist that they have authority to rule over our lives. I believe their stories need to be told and support garnered for their struggles

I will continue to live in the country of my birth, the country that supposedly embodies the principles of freedom and liberty, and use my keyboard as best I can to battle tyranny. Unlike those who back in the early history decided to abandon their countries to come to a foreign land offering freedom, I will stay with the people I grew up with and try as best I can to convince those who need convincing that freedom of the individual and respect for their fundamental rights are the best options.

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