How to get fit?!! Start Your Journey To The New You in 2015


According to my personal trainer David Seisay you need to make these steps as part of your daily LIFESTYLE:
1⃣ Eat clean
2⃣ Get your body moving
3⃣ Drink lots of water
4⃣ Repeat

Just remember, if you see the road to your goal seems long and challenging, this doesn’t mean you won’t reach it! My fitness journey has taught me so much about myself and shown me just how much I sometimes underestimate myself. I’m quick to assume that I can’t do it or that I won’t keep it up, that’s why I needed to remind myself that the only person I’m competing with here is myself.

This is my before and after pics to show off my body transformation and the hard earned muscle I gained throughout my training. So thank you David for all of your guidance, positive energy, making me feel that I’m not alone and for helping me become a better me.

2015 is gonna be a huge productive year for me. I’m looking forward for the next level of my fitness training. I will participate in the Bikini fit 3 on Jan 2015 from Egypt. Whooo hooo yayyyy 🙂

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Join me and contact David for online training, food program and futher instructions:

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