The flower lady


A florist from Stockholm, her shop is located close to where I live. She works in a very cheerful environment, small shop but smells good and encourages creativity.


Me and partner started to love running by her shop to buy new flowers and plants every week. She is so funny, very social and super honest.

IMG_3066Everywhere I look there are signs that the seasons are changing, and If there is anything that can make me extra happy, it is having enough flowers. Everything feels much cozy at home!

In the first photo you can see a cabbage flower together with some monkey-tail flowers to match the Halloween spirit.


The flower shop – interflora, MALINS BLOMMOR – is located at Åbrahamsbergsv 27 where you can buy beautiful flowers, bouquets and arrangements.


So if you wish to give someone a fantastic floral arrangement and have a nice chitchat with that nice lady, don’t hesitate to stop there.

Have a blossom day ♡


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