#womenshould: UN Women ad series reveals widespread sexism

un-women-search-engine-campaign-collage-1 un-women-search-engine-campaign-collage-2

UN Women just made their latest ad campaign public and it proves a known but undoubtedly terrifying fact: finding sexism in the world is as easy as typing a few words into the world’s largest search engine. The ads match women’s faces with beginning search terms such as “women cannot” and “women shouldn’t” and show how gender prejudices can rear its ugly head on a universal tool like Google by disclosing the autocomplete suggestions which reek of misogyny. As if to silence their voices, the phrases of the Google searches were placed over the mouths of women portraits.

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Cats Rule the Internet .. Purr

According to a recent Google search, cat (singular) gets over a billon more results than dog (singular): 2,640,000,000 versus 1,530,000,000. And kitties have doggies totally beat on Google: 17,000,0000 versus 1,480,000 | And if you look at the end of the infographic, you will see that Surdoc is offering you 30GB of cloud storage free with the code “WEBCATS“. So now you have a place to keep all your kitty images safe too!