An insight into my character,,

If you want to know more about me please watch this video.
This video was one of the many assignments we assigned in YLVP.
Hope you like it!!

9 thoughts on “An insight into my character,,

  1. Nice one Dear !
    I really like and encourage you to do more !!!
    I loved all the pictures and amazed how u got collect such powerful images !!!
    One comment goes in giving yr reader time to read yr subtitles !!! I has to stop at each time the video and read them !!!!
    But really : Congratulation !!!
    Best of luck for yr Project.

  2. I slept so late but wake up early to see your comment, thx to all of you.

  3. that is good stuff there Jasmine! I just love your blog and the way you express yourself :))

    keep it up Ms. Valkyrie 🙂

  4. WOW… !!! That`s really cool … what a nice video and it says alot too … but what can you expect from a nice and intelligent person…always the best , keep it up dear.

  5. I wish I can watch and comment but something went wrong and I can’t see it!

    You have another link of it?

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