A Glance at Sverige

How did I see the Swedes?

Some people think that the Swedes do not show what they feel very openly, whether it be joy or sorrow. Many foreigners also think Swedes display a certain stiffness of manner in their relations with others, but this could be a misunderstanding.

In fact the Swedes describe themselves very well, and they have always been charmed by the cheerfulness and zest for life they claim to find in other nationalities.

Strange and funny things in Sweden:

– Summer in Sweden is short. It starts showing its face in May and explodes into life in June. The summer has to hurry to get things done before the nights turn cold in September and everything stops growing.


– I noticed every time I walked in the street that one of the things Sweden is famous for (one of the few) is the Volvo car!
As green as Sweden has become, the country still produces a lot of Saabs and Volvos; and despite all those bikers, a lot of people still drive them.

– The doors, WHAT IS WITH THE DOORS IN SWEDEN????? Usually it is clear whether a door opens in or out, whether it slides electronically or is manual, whether you push or pull. In Sweden, things are not so simple. Figuring out whether a door opens in or out, whether you turn the lock or not, whether you need a key or not…these are not simple exercises. I think it may be a plot to drive everyone in Sweden just a little closer to the brink of insanity. Sweden, standardize your doors!!


– You hear their voices everywhere, ABBA, and the Swedes like their performance. I believe singing one of their more popular upbeat hits such as Mamma Mia, Waterloo or Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

– The cost of living is supposedly quite high, particularly alcohol, so most of the Swedes party in their houses before going to dance in the clubs.



– I have seen a lot of people in sailor outfits in the streets during the last weeks. Graduation…. the city goes crazy, music in all the main roads, girls dancing on trucks, beer, water, and emergency cars needed! Seems fun at times, and crazy.

To do that, they get into cars and trucks stocked with alcohol and stereo systems and drive around the city singing and shouting in celebration. It is a very joyous thing to see and the locals are very patient with the event.

“These people are Swedish pupils who celebrate their secondary school graduation”, said people in the streets.

I still remember that I didn’t celebrate my graduation, but even if I celebrated it, it wouldn’t be like this, in Egypt, it is impossible!!

The Swedish secondary school graduates are much more dressed up. The guys wear black and white suites and the girls a white dress. Everybody wears a student hat, which I find that it looks like a sailor hat. I’m so intrigued by these outfits.
Too bad, that I heard about the Swedish sailor look eight years after my secondary school graduation.
I think it is very late now to celebrate my graduation, it will be a little ridiculous at my age (I’m 25).

– The 6th of June has been celebrated as Sweden’s National Day at Skansen every year since 1893, but in the beginning only as a national flag day.
On that day, I did further travelling around, enjoying Swedish National day. All the Royal palace facilities were open for viewing so I had a wonderful and unique opportunity to see this great official residence of the royal family.

We saw the musicians walking all over the city till they reached Skansen. Then my friend Wissam Tarif said why are the musicians in the street wearing skirts?

Jasmine Elnadeem

6 thoughts on “A Glance at Sverige

  1. Jasmine! well It was a cold day for start. Nice, very nice to know I am not the only one who feels that he missed teh party of his high school graduation. I tink we should do something similar in Alxenderia. Ahmed can help in organizing that. nice post

  2. jasmine, i just love your blog and the way you describe sweden. i really miss ly student time there. I ll tell you all about it when we soon meet face to face 😉

    i think that you have a lot of talent as a journalist – your writing is very clear, to the point and very sincere. glad you could go to Sweden on that young leaders programme!


    1. Really nice to meet you
      I loved the part you wrote for my story
      I hope you stay in touch

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