Killer Whales are more social than humans!!


In honor of the fresh new summer movie season my friend thought it might be a good idea to go all the way back to the beginning, the one that started it all, the granddaddy of summer movies, JAWS. And then skip forward two years to ORCA.

Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with these mammals, Killer Whales are in some ways even more social than humans. They spend their entire lives together in family groups.
The name “Orca” was originally given to Killer Whales by the Ancient Romans and it has grown in popularity over the years.

The movie is not a horror one as my friend told me, it is drama, a love story, and an odyssey film. Actually I cried in the beginning of the movie.
It starts with an amazing scene showing two orcas mating, setting the stage for what’s about to happen later.

They killed his wife…they killed his child…they took everything away from him and replaced it with a thirst for justice…a thirst for revenge!!

As the film opens, we see many good-looking underwater shots of killer whales swimming around, and we see two people, presumably scientists, Rachel (Charlotte Rampling) and Ken (Robert Carradine), doing some sort of scientific research involving the whales. We also meet Captain Nolan (Richard Harris), and his crew, as they’re trying to capture a great white shark in order to sell it to an aquarium for great profit. In an effort to show just how much tougher and impressive Killer Whales are than Great White Sharks, we witness, along with Captain Nolan, a spectacular attack on a Great White by a Killer Whale.

This encourages Nolan to change his goal, giving up on sharks and focus on capturing a Killer Whale, a decision he will end up regretting. His attempt turns out badly, as the whale he captures, not only a female, but also a pregnant female, dies in a very bloody fashion. Now, we soon learn that the whales, being highly intelligent mammals, not only mate for life, but that they also have a capacity for revenge that meets, maybe even exceeds, that of humans.

As Nolan begins to realize the consequences of his actions, regret and remorse creep into his consciousness, and he tries to come to terms with what he’s done. Thus begins a slow and deliberate attempt by the whale to draw Nolan out to sea, so that it may give the once haughty captain his comeuppance.

I enjoyed this movie and the music, much more than I thought. And I wanted to share what I feel with you.

3 thoughts on “Killer Whales are more social than humans!!

  1. Orcas don’t mate for life, and fathers don’t play a role in raising children.

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