Women vs. Men on Social Networks!!


We saw last year how women were the ones ruling the social networking sites. This year, according to The Nielsen Company we are still seeing that women access social networks from mobile devices more than men.

The data shows that over half (55%) of mobile social networkers were found to be women – not teens, who are more likely to use their devices to text. In fact, teenagers and college students combined account for less mobile social network traffic than their parents.

And it’s not women from the younger end of the age scale using their mobiles to socialize. The largest segment (36%) consists of 35 to 54 year olds followed by those aged 25 to 34 (34%).

But according to the national survey released by Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project, which sheds some lights on men and women’s online behavior, and responsibility. It appears that they are not as good at embracing it as the males.

It appears that men are more likely to have more than one social networking account and are more open to “friending” a boss and tagging friends in photos without their prior knowledge.


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Jasmine Elnadeem

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