Rework the World #Reworktw

Democracy in the Digital Age!! 

“Information is the currency of democracy.”

I have always found this to be one of Thomas Jefferson’s most interesting quotes.

In further studying Jefferson’s many writings, I discovered what Jefferson meant by this statement.

Jefferson was clearly a lover of information – history in particular. As a result, he was right over and over again; including here… information is indeed the currency of democracy.

Today people with digital access have a new attitude toward information. Instead of passively receiving it, digital users expect to own the information, actively engaging with it, responding, and connecting. In sum, they expect to be able to act on and with it in an instant.

The Digital Age is creating an information and communications renaissance. How we react, individually and collectively, to this democratic shortfall will affect the quality of our lives and the very nature of our communities. 

Democracy in the Digital Age will have the opportunity unlike any in the history of the world to bring people and ideas together. 

Let’s embrace this exciting digital world, to rework our world, to strengthen our own democracy and civilization will surely embark on a new age of reason and a new era of individual freedom. Democracy will begin working for humanity’s greatest benefit as our vast majority learns of our many common unfulfilled goals. 


Jasmine Elnadeem

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3 thoughts on “Rework the World #Reworktw

  1. Jasmine- this is great! I would like to connect with you very soon. Pls let me know when is a good time for you to talk on Skype? Next week? Thanks!!

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