Laugh Your Way to Happiness


Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.

Did you know that today is the first International Day of Happiness?

Yes, March 20 is International Day of Happiness, the day has been commissioned by the General Assembly of the United Nations to raise awareness that well-being and happiness are fundamental to human life.

Happiness is not the result of wealth, health or education. Rather, it is an indicator of those things. That makes happiness a powerful tool in improving worldwide economics and the health and well-being of people all around the globe.

Ways To Boost Your Happiness Levels

Have A Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Be around people who are uplifting and make you laugh. Life can get so serious sometimes, and we get bogged down with the small stuff. Just by laughing with your friends, you get some perspective and everything seems to be better.

Go For A Long Walk

Take a walk in your area, in the countryside or the woods. This kills two birds with one stone. Not only are you getting some exercise which releases endorphins into the brain, but it will also make you feel lighter, and full of energy.


Meditation has been proven time and time again that just by being with your body, wellbeing is increased, and you start to feel better about yourself. Just start by concentrating on your breathing for 10 minutes a day and you will see the difference.

Tune Into ‘Happy’ Music

Listen to some happy music and dance around your living room to your favourite song and let go. There is something really liberating about just going for it without worrying what anyone else thinks.


A very clever trick that I use when I want to feel good, is visualisation. Think of all the things that you love. Family, friends, a dream holiday, your cats, dogs or your partner. Just by imagining them in your minds eye will bring a smile to your face.

Become a pet owner

While budget and lifestyle may not be conducive to owning a pet, it is like having a child, you may change your mind when you learn that pet owners have lower blood pressure and fewer stress hormones circulating in their blood.

In the end work on yourself to be happy. Happiness is what we all strive to find and keep, even when it’s as elusive as ever.

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