Warr;or .. Tattoo



Guess what? Last week I got my second tattoo (don’t mind the message on my T-shirt .. Hahahahaha)! Been thinking on this one for a long time now and now when it’s finally there it feels more than right.

I’m so happy with how it turned out!!



There is a story behind that tattoo which I don’t feel like sharing, but I can say I was trying for long time not to fall apart.

The tattoo is a reminder to every fight I went through and those which I will face.



I done my tattoo at the Swahili Bob’s Tattoo Stockholm by Ion.

I already have a small one on my wrist. That first one means a lot for me 

It can be a tough decision on what to get tattooed on your body parts. Just remember that your tattoo is a piece of art which will reflect your personality.

Talk soon, love!!


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