Nailed it!


Today was a day off, and it was time to just pamper myself and my nails.

Coming from Egypt where it super easy to get into a beauty salon to fix your hair and nails at same time, it was a bit shocking not to have the same service in Sweden. And finding a cheap manicure in Stockholm is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

For many months my nails went untouched but in the depths of winter, it is not easy to maintain your nail.



With the winter chill in the air, keeping your nails sexy and strong proves to be a challenge throughout the season.

Finally I found a nice nail salon, Miss Fancy  where I was really pleased and today I paid my second visit to see the super talented Felicia, she sculptures my nails like an artist that I keep watching her while working.


I was gonna have the sleek, classic nude color, but then I chose the Stylish Brown. It is a cool shade of brown with a touch of purple.

Wearing some colors on your nails or dresses through the cold-weather months show that you are confident, artistic, individualistic and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

If you are going to fix your nails in Stockholm, then I can heartily recommend Felicia, she is nice, helpful and friendly. you can find her Instagram here.


On the other side, I tried out the new feminine fragrance of Paco Rabanne.

OMG I loved it. Olympéa is centred on the modern-day Cleopatra. She isn’t a mere mortal, she is a demi-goddess chosen over all else and no one can resist.

The perfume has both salty and floral smell, I could feel the sparkling green mandarin, the jasmine water mixed with fiery ginger lily. Still the perfume combined a premium selection of scents to obtain a bold and refreshing fragrance. The base notes are sandalwood, cashmere and ambergris.

Try it out if you like strong fragrances like me 😉


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