Jasmine ElnadeemIMG_4957

My first Midsummer in Sweden was just Purrrrrfect with my friends 🙂

Though the day was raining in the morning but it ended up as a sunny one in the afternoon.

Swedes celebrate the longest day of the year with family members and friends in the countryside. They keep singing, drinking alcohol and eating traditional swedish food prepared by almost everyone.

Pickled herring is a particular favourite during this season. Also strawberries and the lingonberries are quite popular in the summer and they are usually consumed in the form of cake or cream.

In agrarian times, Midsummer celebrations in Sweden were held to welcome the summertime and the season of fertility.


Flower wreaths are a common motif in Midsummer gatherings. You can find revelers of all genders wearing these garlands. Mine was not real but it was a pretty one which I will keep on my mirror as a positive sign.

Here you can see my mini towering maypole – it is usually a huge one, so people can dance around it – which is an iconic symbol of Midsummer celebrations.

Puss Puss, J

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