Dreaming of Spring


Spring in Sweden was like a dream. Lollll! After a sunny week, we are back to the cold, foggy and raining weather. Oh and next week will be marked by snow and bone-chilling temperatures.

Still Swedes do celebrate spring’s arrival when the median daily temperature is on the rise and remains between 0C and 10C for at least seven days in a row.

I thought that once they announce the arrival of spring, we will witness the not so hot, not so cold weather.


In other words, a LAGOM weather.

Lagom is a uniquely Swedish term that doesn’t have any literal translation in English but basically means ‘not too much, not too little”, Just the right amount, sufficient average.

Meh we will have to wait to see if the real spring will arrive or we will just skip that season from our calendar!!

Still I went shopping for a spring floral bouquet to lighten up my life 🙂


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