Bloody Biker



Dreaming of riding motorcycle indicates that you would be a part of the fun life rather than watching it like audience.

You can call it whatever, but YES, it is a mix of freedom, adventure, spiritual experience, confidence and independence.

Riding a motorcycle is no longer a boys’ club activity! Women are taking to motorcycles with an increased voracity, and I’m proud to say that Egyptian women are actually doing it now and lots of them confronted personal challenges, societal stereotypes, and cultural expectations to embrace the freedom and independence of motorcycling.

Check the Egypt Female Bikers the official female bikers community which aims to support all women riders in Egypt through education and community events and advices.



Believe me there is nothing like the rush I feel when I’m in control of a beautiful motorcycle.

At the age of 30 I got my motorcycle driving license. I wanted to tell myself that I can do anything, no matter what my age.

Now it is time to conquer the swedish streets and find how can I claim my license here. If you have any tips or hints, please throw it here 🙂


Dream Big ♥

Jasmine ElnadeemIMG_0563 (1)You know everything begins in the heart and mind, and every great achievement began with a dream.

Life can be harsh. It can be cruel and ugly. Yet no matter how much we grieve over our harsh environment and circumstances, nothing will change until we change it ourselves.

What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely. To dare to dream and dream big. Think big and don’t let negative people discourage you.

Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine ElnadeemYou know that the great achievers have a habit of seeing things. They work on their dreams to achieve them.

They speak about their dreams to many people because the moment they continually say them, the moment they begin to believe them more and more.

In the end of the process, and after you work hard on your dreams. Don’t forget when you have reached your goals and you are living your dreams, to make sure to enjoy that.

Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine ElnadeemIn fact, you can even give yourself a huge reward when you get there. Be gracious and generous. Share your happiness with your loved ones and encourage them to dream big like you.

Then go back to dream again but this time dream a little bigger!