Interior – God Jul Season!



Some of you have already seen my apartment, but some things are different and finally we got some new shelves!

Christmas decorations should all be about candles and magic. There is no better way to welcome the holidays than focusing on what truly matters and turning your home into a magical place of joy!!



Hanging decorations to your windows can be a sweet initiative to feel the festive season.

Rembermer also that natural elements are also easily accessible, affordable, and make for great holiday centerpieces. Check out those lovely green and red cherry branches



These natural bundle brings an element of a fresh forest to your home décor. The branches with Green Berries add organic interest to its surroundings, while the red ones match the Christmas spirit.

For an enchanting display, place these branches in a nice vase 🙂


Merry Christmas / God Jul to y’all!

Love xoxo

Flowers for Xmas



Maybe it is cold outside, but it will be soon warm inside, with the beautiful winter and Christmas decorations.

Sending flowers on Christmas is one of my favorite traditions and it is a wonderful way to celebrate the season.



Remember when you go to shop for fresh flowers that most flower shops restock on Monday mornings, so that’s the time to place an order.

To make your flowers last more, cut the stems at an angle and change the water at least every other day.

Notice that flowers don’t water themselves so don’t forget to add water to the vase.

Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol” is at The Maxim Theatre!

Jasmine Elnadeem
Jasmine Elnadeem

“Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens was and still one of favourite tales before the Christmas holidays.

Ebenezer Scrooge and his famous reference to Xmas “Bah, Humbug” always made laugh.

At the weekend, me and my boyfriend booked 2 tickets to attend the play at Stockholm’s Maxim Theatre.

The play was performed in English which is good for tourists or the expats who live in Sweden.

Adding to the mostly British cast, the play have around ten Swedish children – all of whom can sing, dance and act – and most importantly – do it while speaking English like a native.

Jasmine Elnadeem
Jasmine Elnadeem

You can book your ticket from here:

The show was marvellous and I had much fun. So don’t be a Scrooge and miss your chance to participate in the best of Christmas traditions. Get your tickets before the final show on 23rd December.