Interior – God Jul Season!



Some of you have already seen my apartment, but some things are different and finally we got some new shelves!

Christmas decorations should all be about candles and magic. There is no better way to welcome the holidays than focusing on what truly matters and turning your home into a magical place of joy!!



Hanging decorations to your windows can be a sweet initiative to feel the festive season.

Rembermer also that natural elements are also easily accessible, affordable, and make for great holiday centerpieces. Check out those lovely green and red cherry branches



These natural bundle brings an element of a fresh forest to your home décor. The branches with Green Berries add organic interest to its surroundings, while the red ones match the Christmas spirit.

For an enchanting display, place these branches in a nice vase 🙂


Merry Christmas / God Jul to y’all!

Love xoxo

GET SHIT DONE for the New Year


Nowadays I’m hearing more people talking about new year resolutions like eating healthy or exercising more, etc…

Wow that’s really impressive to see more people trying to have healthy bodies and minds. But let me tell you that it is not easy to set unrealistic plans and promise yourself too much when you have grandiose dreams for the future!

Start by asking yourself before making any promises:
1⃣ Is this the next logical step?
2⃣ Am I 100 % ready to fully commit?
3⃣ Do I believe that I am able to do this?
If you feel like the answer is no to one of those questions, then your plans are too big and there is a big chance that you will totally give up and get disappointed.

A promise you make to yourself is just as important as ones you give to your loved ones! If you keep braking your own promises there is a chance that you eventually start feeling like you can’t do anything, that you’re completely useless. Which is totally WRONG of course .

So from now on only set goals where you can answer YES to those three questions and GET SHIT DONE!!


Merry Xmas / God Jul to y’all xxxxx