Folkloric Dance in Egypt, Tanoura Dance Show

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Today I was visiting the ancient part of Cairo city (Khan El Khalili) and I had the chance of spending a pleasant evening at The El-Ghuri Wakala,Built in 1504 A.D. by Sultan Qunsuwah Al Ghouri.

I attended one of the most amazing Egyptian Folk musical nights called ‘El Tanoura Show’,it’s performed by ‘El Tanoura Troupe for the Cultural Heritage’.

The Show:

At the beginning , Selections of Folkloric music was played by local Egyptian musicians, previewing The Egypt’s musical heritage.

Then comes ‘The Tanoura ‘Presentation Dance and lastly they end the show with the very special spiritual Whirling Dervish (Darawish) performing.

‘Darawish’ is a Turkish word to describe the Sufi person who is the one comes at doors to enlighten people and he is a member of a Muslim religious order noted for devotional exercises.

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The History of Sufism:

Sufism is the faith of Spirituality in Islam Religion which accepts the concept that all Divine Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam ) have one message ,Sufism is basically founded upon the universal and unconditional forgiveness.

The beauty of this performance is that you’ll completely interact emotionally & physically with the music and entertaining Melody.

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