Sweden, a winter wonderland!!


Good evening my oldies!!

Today was another holy moly cold day, -8C but it feels like -14C, hahahaha and my fingers were gonna fall off (I wore gloves with sheep fur inside) and my toes suffer as well, they were freezing to death even with two woollen socks.

Still the winter lights can be so attractive to take photos and to enjoy the magical sky.

I went with my partner to look for Canon Cameras as I’m thinking seriously to buy one, then we couldn’t resist buying some flowers and tulips for our house.

Now at home eating hot food and enjoying the company of my cats while watching a movie and drinking some Green Tea with Spearmint  – Kusmi Thé Nanah à la menthe – which we got from the “Tehuset JAVA”.

Puss Puss and good night! ❤

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