Natural Box


Getting exciting products delivered to your door every month is just amazing. I have never tried the natural monthly subscription boxes before till I arrived to Sweden.

Everyone including myself loves snacks, but I prefer those nutritionist-approved snacks made with wholesome ingredients.

I tried some natural and healthy boxes since I arrived to Sweden, but finally I found the one which makes me excited every time I go to receive it. was founded in Sweden in the spring of 2013 and was the first online subscription service for natural and organic products in Sweden offering full-size products.

Green Ball Jar – to make your detoxing smoothies & salads in!

What they do?

They curate monthly boxes of health and deliciousness for different lifestyles that evolve spectacularly each month. So basically every month you will discover new organic and healthy products within snacks, health and beauty.

WHY are they different?

They offer full-sized products with high value as well as samples of new organic discoveries. There are three options: Naturalbox, Mysterybox or Veganbox. I already tried 2 of them, I was pleased and now I get the Natural Box every month.



I can tell you that the small natural box will make a BIG life change – It will help you to find healthy and superfood products that you will love.

I’m in love with the innovative approach to kickstarting or enhancing a healthier lifestyle with a box full of the healthiest foods on the market.

I want also to say a big “THANK YOU” to Alicja– One of the founders – for being so helpful and nice. She even sent to me the menu in English. Awwww one of few people who makes my life in Sweden much easier.

Alicja has a long experience and expertise in education of organic lifestyle and health.

PS: I already got my February box and will tell you in another blog post what I found in it 😉


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