Thursday sweat .. Today I invested in myself. I had today off, so it was time to wake up early for some training. I took my training to the next level.

I’m done with my first Thai PT session with André at Fightbox.



Today’s session focused on technique. André is an awesome coach and he is so generous when he explains the right moves.

Thai boxing or “Muay Thai” is a combat sport and martial art that has been developed in Thailand. It is known also as “The Art Of Eight Limbs”, because both hands, elbows, knees, and legs can be used to attack an opponent.


Today endorphins were because of the many high kicks. You know that there isn’t anyone who practices Thai that doesn’t want a higher kick. OMG so pumped!

I’m so looking forward already for the upcoming session.

Oh and thank you Emil for the awesome photos 🙂


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