Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

It is not even my birthday yet but I decided to escape the rainy Stockholm on the weekend and treat myself and my boyfriend with a nice spa at Yasuragi.

OMG I didn’t think that the place is so nice till I saw it and then I was blown away. I didn’t even know that Stockholm has such a fine gem.

We went to Hasseludden with the boat to find our hotel which was surrounded with a pretty forest.

SHHH .. Please don’t disturb!!

Jasmine Elnadeem



Imagine the rainy weather, and the cold temperate then imagine yourself swimming in the pool or one of the hot springs outside overlooking the forest and the Baltic Sea.

I loved the concept of “COME AS YOU ARE”, as upon your arrival you’re given your yukata – the cotton Japanese robe – along with a pair of slippers and a swimsuit. That’s intended to be your clothing during your stay, and you’re totally encouraged to wear it for everything including mealtimes. Awww it was so comfy indeed.

Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem


I had a massage, we used the sauna, the steam room, had an amazing healthy Japanese dinner, then I went for a body scrub and a face massage. Believe me I slept like a baby and felt so much energized.

Jasmine Elnadeem

Today I love my Monday but I’m sure that soon I will be longing for a night of “PEACE & QUIET” like that 🙂

Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend! XOXO

One thought on “YASURAGI SPA .. HIDDEN GEM

  1. This looks so nice and peaceful! I’m planning a trip later this year to Stockholm and this seems nice to do as well. Great post!

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