14 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website


How Social Media is Affecting the Arab World [Infographic]

  • Social media is a force for empowering entrepreneurs through branding and marketing, say 86% of those polled in a study by the Dubai School of Government (DSG).
  • 84% said students would benefit from social media to develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • 81% agree that having national social media policies would facilitate better use of social media in the workplace.
  • Social media can help youth enter the workforce through job matching (70%), and up-skilling (84%).
  • Social media influences the workplace by triggering more customer satisfaction (85%), increasing trust between co-workers (78%), and boosting intra-agency collaboration.

 Social Media in the Arab World

Effective Social Media Marketing

There’s been a lot of debate on the value of social media. After all, it’s easy to argue about the potential of social media as a powerful marketing channel. The ability to communicate with so many people instantly is like catnip to marketers and business owners alike.

Social media marketing tips:

  1. Be everywhere
  2. Interact with your audience
  3. Provide something of value
  4. Learn from your community
  5. Promote everywhere
  6. Write until you can’t write anymore
  7. Find niche networks within your industry
  8. Use third party tools
  9. Pass traffic to your website
  10. Serve the community