Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

Cairo summer vibes are amazing so after the daytime chilling under the sun, I’m going dancing ’till dawn.

After living in Sweden for some time now, summer holidays means washing and preparing those favourite pieces which were hidden away.

When I was young I didn’t really care about clothes as I was a tomboy in everything I do. But the more I grow older the more I see myself as a fashion junkie. I love Chanel and Dior though I can’t afford them, but I’m also in love with the Other Stories, H&M, WEEKDAY. Still Zara is my favourite. I buy clothes from different brands as long as I’m in love with the piece.

The red carpet culture has always taught us to celebrate perfection, but the in the now and in the social media age, people yearn more and more for something human. We saw how people celebrate a non skinny model.

Yes there is a shift towards celebrating beauty which that’s not stereotypical.

I feel super happy when I see brands or stores in Sweden acknowledging every type of woman.

But for now I will celebrate my time under the sun and I will enjoy it till the maximum.


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Hey you, finally it is weekend. My week was very busy, but I forgot to tell you that I got a job Ohhhh Yeahhh.

I’m working as a Digital Marketing & PR Manager at Plotagon.

Do you want to see more of what I do everyday? I curate memories over my journey in Sweden on Snapchat.

Easy steps to follow my Snapchat:

Once you’ve created an account, simply open up the Snapchat camera function and hover over my QR code above. Tap to focus and the app will automatically add me to your contact list.

You can also add me by following the steps below:

1. Tap the ghost icon centered at the top of the screen.

2. Tap ‘Add Friends’ to type in our username.

3. Type ‘Selnadeem’ into the search bar.

4. Tap the + box so that it turns purple.

And voilà! Happy snapping to y’all 🙂


Facebook in Egypt .. The Adoption of Change!

Facebook is an online social networking service.
Facebook is an online social networking service.

When we talk about Facebook pages, we talk about brands. Facebook now has over 1 billion active monthly users. That is a staggering amount of people who brands could potentially be actively connecting and sharing with.

Managing a Facebook brand page takes time and effort, and brands need to step up and ensure they are making the most of Facebook as a communication tool.

This also means brands cannot just ‘talk the talk’, they have to actually put efforts in when it comes to standing out amongst other brands.

How do you use Facebook page to connect with young people?

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