Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem


Hey lovely people,

Hope that you all are ready for a great and long weekend.

Personally I’m getting ready to celebrate midsummer with my friends in Stockholm.

As I mentioned before, midsummer is a unique celebration when adults and children come together to picnic in the grass, decorate the midsummer pole, make flower wreaths, play traditional games and dance to music.

But I won’t lie to you or myself, I have been feeling down today, I spent the whole day at home and I feel homesick.

The anxiety and emotional distress which come together because I’m staying away and disconnected from my friends isn’t easy to handle.

Jasmine Elnadeem


Sky Pool – Fairmont where one can enjoy the skyline of Cairo!

I’m trying not to let that prevent me from having good time in Sweden or enjoy traveling to new places.

To overcome such feelings I decided to plan for a trip to visit my best friend.

I will be booking my flight ticket very soon. But now I’m thinking of all the chatting which is waiting for me and the great adventure that awaits the both of us!

Anyway here is a throwback to some favorite moments in Cairo.

Ahh, I wish my every week starts and ends with this the sun above me and the pool in front of me.

I just love the lazy pool days! To lay by the pool, drink lots of water, cocktails and eat fresh fruits. But at this moment I’m laying on couch blogging Hahahaha!!

Talk soon


Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

Cairo summer vibes are amazing so after the daytime chilling under the sun, I’m going dancing ’till dawn.

After living in Sweden for some time now, summer holidays means washing and preparing those favourite pieces which were hidden away.

When I was young I didn’t really care about clothes as I was a tomboy in everything I do. But the more I grow older the more I see myself as a fashion junkie. I love Chanel and Dior though I can’t afford them, but I’m also in love with the Other Stories, H&M, WEEKDAY. Still Zara is my favourite. I buy clothes from different brands as long as I’m in love with the piece.

The red carpet culture has always taught us to celebrate perfection, but the in the now and in the social media age, people yearn more and more for something human. We saw how people celebrate a non skinny model.

Yes there is a shift towards celebrating beauty which that’s not stereotypical.

I feel super happy when I see brands or stores in Sweden acknowledging every type of woman.

But for now I will celebrate my time under the sun and I will enjoy it till the maximum.


Eid in Egypt ღ


It is feast and vacations usually conjure up images of relaxing with a cocktail by the beach, under the lovely sun.

But if you live in Cairo you will prefer to stay in it during Eid, because you can enjoy the empty streets and there are lots of things to do to enjoy this vacation. 

 The best place to really observe the beauty of a nearly-empty Cairo is the Cairo Tower and some hotels in Zamalek. 


You can also pay a visit to the pyramids and enjoy the ideal time to take those typically tourist photos of the Pyramids. Then right before sunset, rent a felucca, and relax while looking at the sunset view on the Nile.

In the end I wish you a good vacation wherever you are right now.