Eid in Egypt ღ


It is feast and vacations usually conjure up images of relaxing with a cocktail by the beach, under the lovely sun.

But if you live in Cairo you will prefer to stay in it during Eid, because you can enjoy the empty streets and there are lots of things to do to enjoy this vacation. 

 The best place to really observe the beauty of a nearly-empty Cairo is the Cairo Tower and some hotels in Zamalek. 


You can also pay a visit to the pyramids and enjoy the ideal time to take those typically tourist photos of the Pyramids. Then right before sunset, rent a felucca, and relax while looking at the sunset view on the Nile.

In the end I wish you a good vacation wherever you are right now.


Zamalek .. Walking Tour


As I have been struggling with the summer flu for more than 10 days, I decided to explore and wander the island of Zamalek.

The island is known to be one of Cairo’s most affluent neighbourhoods and is a popular spot for both Egyptians and expats alike.

Because of the high density of embassies around it is also one of the safest neighbourhoods.


Zamalek is reachable through several bridges namely; Qasr al-Nil Bridge, 6th of October Bridge and 15th of May Bridge. 

I found out that the streets in Zamalek have changed names over time though many of us still ask taxi drivers for the old names which still popular.

The good thing of walking around the island is that you can enjoy the Nile view. 

Zamalek is a popular place to go out with numerous cafés and restaurants when you need to enjoy a cup of coffee/tea or lunch and dinner.

Around the Om Kalthoum area of Zamalek, where the legendary singer’s villa once stood and a statue of her remains today, I love to hangout at Pottery Cafe.


The atmosphere in Zamalek nowadays is very relaxed and it is one of the few areas in Cairo where strolling in the street is enjoyable, with lots of trees and greenery around. 

So what have you been doing lately?


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