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Yes summer is the perfect time for relaxing. It’s also the perfect time for some pressure free summer activities.

As I live now in Sweden, I decided together with my boyfriend to explore the country and go for some trips outside Stockholm.

And you know there is nothing that quite compares to travelling by train in Europe.

Finally I’m visiting Gothenburg and we had a first class ride. I felt so excited like a kid. I like trains especially those with Internet.

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It is enough to imagine taking a trip and not having to arrive two hours early, wait in a long security line, take off your shoes for inspection, or ration out your liquids and gels like airports.

The best part of the trip was the old-fashioned charm of having a breakfast on board.

In the end we arrived to our destination, the station is right downtown in the heart of the city of Gothenburg where we took one of the little cute trams heading to our hotel.

Gothenburg is easy to walk around and it will take you to several places of interest.

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We walked past the old canals then went for FIKA in the old part of the city in the cosy area Haga.

We hopped on the coolest vintage tram and stopped by Cafe Husaren in the heart of the Haga district for a fresh cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun. OMG they have the largest cinnamon bun (and most flavourful) in Sweden.

In Gothenburg I felt the wind from the sea and from the old days. The city is a pretty city which offers something for everybody.

Jag älskar Göteborg

White as the SNOW!!


Good evening my oldies!!

Oh what a Sunday. I feel great, a bit tired. Not because of partying but I fell asleep late and woke up early, kinda story of my life haha!

Yesterday was an amazing day, I went to the cinema with my love then we celebrated my one year anniversary in Sweden.

Today we went to walk on the frozen lake near to our home, I did my first snow-angel  and I enjoyed that to the max!




It was so nice to try walking on the frozen lake and a bit scary too at least for me. But the snow was incredibly beautiful and it was just amazing to be here. The light was magical to stand out there and take many photos.

Now I’m chillaxing at home with my kitties and a cup of green tea. Hugs! ❤

Glimpse from colorful Stockholm



Stockholm can be cut into thirds- one-third green area, one-third development and one-third water.

Stockholm is like no other capital in the world. Built on fourteen islands, it rises gracefully from water so clean that you can go swimming or fishing in the very heart of the city. Its waterfront is alive with boats, from ferries to shuttle you around the city to sailboats and yachts that cruise out into the vast archipelago that stretches into the Baltic. Of course getting around doesn’t require a boat–you can walk, bike, drive or take advantage of the city’s impeccable mass-transit system.


One of the many cool things about Stockholm is the architecture.

The origin of the many yellow and orange houses in Stockholm is a decree from the Over-Governor of Stockholm in 1699 which stated that all new stone houses should be yellow in colour. It was not immediately accepted but after being promoted by some of the leading architects of the 1700’s it became predominant and remained so until the 1920’s.



Usually the weather is gray, but the good part about this city is the brightly painted buildings.

As you can see, it was a very cloudy day, and a tiny bit of sun snuck through and fell on the waterfront buildings.

How did you spend your weekend?