Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

My look embodies how I’m feeling today.

You can see that I’m a huge high-street fan and I just love shops like Zara, Topshop, Weekday, & Other Stories

I’m enjoying my vacation with my friends and boyfriend.

OH Yeah it is very sunny in Stockholm and I decided to work on what makes me happy.

Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

Flight to Jordan is booked. Yes I’m flying solo to visit my best friend and enjoy the real hot sun.

Bikini Mood here I come Hahahaha!

BUT for now I’m loving these gorgeous days in Stockholm. Can’t complain! Now time to go for some tanning under the beautiful sun.


A Free Spirit


Recently a friend of mine labeled me as a “free spirit” person, and this isn’t the first time to hear that.

Yes I’m kinda of this label. I’m not selfish but I have been independent for long and I know how to do things because I want to do them.

Still I can’t function when I feel restricted. I don’t like when people, whether beloved ones or friends, or even coworker insist on me following certain rules to fit.

I hardly seek routine and that’s why I love waking up every morning, knowing that this day will be vastly different from the last.


People think because I don’t share much about my feelings that I do not have any worries. That’s not true, I worry a lot. But if something is not worth my time, I just move on. Life is short and I learnt that the harsh way.

YES I don’t mind being alone. I don’t even mind sitting at home on my own. I lived alone for many years and I loved my life.

Still I love having friends to hangout with but I don’t like that my relationships with others define me. In fact, I don’t really let anything define me. I know me, happy for being me, and I fought a lot to be that woman.


I like seeking ways to expand my mind, enjoy working with creative people because that inspires me a lot. I always want to be a better person in this missed up world.

In the end I can tell you I live my life without selling my soul to the devil. I had lots of good and bad experiences. I don’t just love. I love unconditionally, but I don’t mind if people drift away.

Damn, time flies! I have to leave office now and run, I’m gonna meet some old peeps haha! Then I’m so looking forward for my day off tomorrow. I will have a big lunch with a lovely friend and I can’t wait!!


White as the SNOW!!


Good evening my oldies!!

Oh what a Sunday. I feel great, a bit tired. Not because of partying but I fell asleep late and woke up early, kinda story of my life haha!

Yesterday was an amazing day, I went to the cinema with my love then we celebrated my one year anniversary in Sweden.

Today we went to walk on the frozen lake near to our home, I did my first snow-angel  and I enjoyed that to the max!




It was so nice to try walking on the frozen lake and a bit scary too at least for me. But the snow was incredibly beautiful and it was just amazing to be here. The light was magical to stand out there and take many photos.

Now I’m chillaxing at home with my kitties and a cup of green tea. Hugs! ❤