B / W



One of the questions I’m being asked about more and more lately is who takes my photos?

Most of my pretty photos are taken by my boyfriend 🙂

Today I’m publishing some Black and White images.

They say: “When you photograph people in colors, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”



My boyfriend is really into Black and White photography and I asked him many times before why he is so obsessed with Black and White.

He says: “Colors can be terribly distracting in some images and can take your focus away from the subject. I like taking the color out of my images to let the subjects speak for themselves”.


Black and White images can be strong, high contrast and powerful – or on the other side soft and gentle.

Of course the black and white vs colors debate is a very personal one.

But if you enjoy Black and White Photography the go visit this Facebook Page: Markmedia Photography