Enjoy life and manage your pain!!


People with pain tend to be over achievers because they push themselves until the pain is screaming. 

We try to survive the pain which is hard enough to deal with in the light of day. But sometimes we can’t survive the pain at night which robs us of our much-needed sleep and that can be downright exhausting. 

I’m learning more about behavioural treatment for pain management because painkillers don’t help anymore to ease the pain. These therapies can help you relax or change your thinking patterns and cope with pain. This can include: 

1⃣ Cognitive therapy which can help you to gain control over your pain by teaching yourself to recognize and change emotions that can make pain worse, such as anxiety, anger, and sadness.

2⃣ Progressive muscle relaxation which can ease muscle tension that may be adding to your pain.

3⃣ Deep breathing exercises which can help you to relax.

4⃣ Guided imagery which includes imagining a pleasant scene that takes your mind off your pain.

5⃣ Asking for help: if you’re in pain and you’re not getting the help you need from your doctor, feel free to switch doctors and if you can’t do this then speak up for yourself to get the treatment you need.

No one  should be told that their pain isn’t real or not severe enough for treatment. You deserve to live your life as pain-free as possible.

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