Sunset view over Slussen



Many of the narrow, cobblestone alleys in Gamla Stan are car free, making a walk around the Old Town a pleasure.

BUT today I went for a better view to see Slussen and Gamala Stan from Katarinahissen “The Katarina Elevator”, which connects Slussen to the heights of Södermalm and offers the best panoramic overview of the city.




I was lucky that today was one of those sunny days in Stockholm.

Later on I went for a great day down town, I did some shopping and got the Silk Curling Wand from Remington, then ate “Fish & Chips” at The Liffey, the best Irish bar in town.



It feels great to have a calm and relaxing weekend, to rest and get ready for a new week with tons of work.

Hope you had an amazing weekend.

XOXO to Y’all!

Panoramic views of Paris




Tour Maine-Montparnasse (Maine-Montparnasse Tower), also commonly named Tour Montparnasse. The building is just a horrible wreck of a structure. Built in the early 1970s, it sticks out of the Paris skyline like the proverbial sore thumb. BUT it really have the best view of Paris and the surrounding communities even without the punchline.



So if you wish to see an elegant or romantic tower, then go toEiffel Tower, but if you want to wait for few minutes to buy a ticket and see Paris from up, then go directly to the Maine-Montparnasse Tower.


In the end my “Paris Je T’Aime” was said from up here and not from Eiffel tower, I left that one for another romantic visit with my boyfriend 🙂