My Valentine



Yeah I know, I was dreaming that my Valentine’s day will consist of a beautifully unmade bed, and gorgeous champagne cocktails, infused with rose syrup.

BUT I actually spent my Valentine’s day in Paris sleeping on the second floor of bunk bed, away from the true love. Still he sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers and red roses, then when I flew back back to Stockholm, I found my favorite tulips in red waiting for me at home.


Paris is romantic anytime of the year and that is why I wish to fly with my love to have some quality time together there, hopefully it will be sunny that time.

Folwers and roses always give me some positive thoughts, they make me smile.

And you know that red rose means passionate love ❤

BKR .. Absolut Beauty!!


It’s no secret that drinking water is great for our physical and mental health, plus it’s a great defense against dull skin and dry strands. Having water close by at all times is an easy fix but recently my bottled water tastes like plastic.

After some research I decided to go with the glass water bottles. Glass is the purest, healthiest and non-reactive material, meaning that it won’t absorb beverage flavors or chemicals.


Simple and stylish, the BKR bottle is a favorite among A-list celebrities. The luxurious reusable glass canteen comes sheathed in one of 60 colorful silicone sleeves to protect the glass from breaking.

The shade I picked is: BAMBI – sheer neon pink – Inspired by pink diamonds, fishnets, making an entrance, coquettish sideway glances, notes of pink pepper and peaches. Be not afraid. (Of color or anything else.)


BKR is free of BPA, phthalate, and it is easy to drink from the bottle without it leaking. The water bottle is so popular and has been mentioned in many magazines such as Elle, InStyle, Vogue, Martha Stewart and Glamour, and many more.

I’m so much in love already 🙂

Puss Puss Babes, J

Flowers for Xmas



Maybe it is cold outside, but it will be soon warm inside, with the beautiful winter and Christmas decorations.

Sending flowers on Christmas is one of my favorite traditions and it is a wonderful way to celebrate the season.



Remember when you go to shop for fresh flowers that most flower shops restock on Monday mornings, so that’s the time to place an order.

To make your flowers last more, cut the stems at an angle and change the water at least every other day.

Notice that flowers don’t water themselves so don’t forget to add water to the vase.