Super Women join the Bikini Fit 3 Challenge!!

The Bikini Fit 3 challenge started and today is my third day following the training plan which was prepared by my private trainer David Seisay.


I already love the new circuit workouts because they combine cardio and strength moves, providing a fantastic total-body workout. Plus they’re the perfect boredom-buster!!

Why the “Dflex your body Workout” Works?! Because:

  1. Efficient workout. David has created a circuit workouts that alternates strength and cardio so my heart rate stays elevated, what should optimize fat burn and blast significantly more calories than most traditional strength plans.
  2. Variety Exercises. Switching up the intensity and duration of my cardio sessions keeps me active. And because I always work my muscles in different ways, i already feel that my body is tighter.
  3. I felt my body tighter because of every strong and vital move I make, from squats to push-ups.
  4. The regular workout routine which was designed for me boost my body fitness, my mood and energy level.
  5. I usually struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep but since I started training I can fall asleep faster and for longer time.

IMG_7710I already have tons more energy and I’m determined to keep up my routine! There are so many super women at this training, follow us on Instagram using the hashtag #bfit3 🙂

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