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Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

It is sometimes hard to wake up in the morning when everything goes wrong at the same time.

Lately a friend of mine asked me, from where I get my motivation!

I think after many years of living alone, trying to observe and learn from everyone and everything around me, I developed some ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people. I try everyday to find some strength and self motivation to go to work, finish a task, or even go to gym when it is challenging.

So how actually can you motivate yourself?!

Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

Here are some tips I believe that they can be effective to build self motivation:

  • Being a woman can be an advantage, so don’t think you can’t do it, actually because I’m a woman I believe that I can do many things better.
  • Ask for help and don’t battle through issues alone not to end up exhausted in the process.
  • I surround myself with inspiring people who I can learn from them and get motivation.
  • Learn, Learn, Learn. I love my curiosity which makes me eager to learn new things. I believe I don’t have to know everything, still I like to search or ask for more info about things I’m passionate about to learn more.
  • I started to work around the age of 16 and that taught me to push the doors until they open. Plus proving people wrong is sometimes a good goal to have, and till now I proved I can do it.
  • Identify a need then try to fulfill it. I also try to follow my gut instinct. And in the end you have to take a risk to make a difference.

The best way to achieve a goal is to commit to it no matter what it takes!

Wishing Y’all A Happy Weekend! XOXO

IWD – Middle East Perspective ღ


Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed, If I fail, no one will say, she doesn’t have what it takes. They will say, women don’t have what it takes.

Happy International Women’s Day to all women around the world!

Though the Arab Spring offered great promise for helping women gain equal human rights in the Middle East, the reality was that not a lot changed.

Women currently make up 49.7% of around 345.5 million people in the Middle East and North Africa region. But despite the many advances made in terms of closing the gender gap in health, political representation, and labor force participation, many other barriers remain.

In my country – Egypt – there is a popular saying: “Break a girl’s rib, and she’ll grow two”.

– Spousal rape is not recognised in the laws.

– A woman inherits half of what a man inherits.

– A Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman, but a Muslim woman can not marry a non-Muslim man

– Sexual harassment and assault of women and girls in public spaces still exist in spite of the efforts to combat the practice.

Though Egypt is often considered  as one of the more liberal countries in the Middle East being a female isn’t an easy thing.


On International Women Day we don’t celebrate as much as we fight for many rights we want to gain, for respect, appreciation, equality and much more

Still there is hope because women activists, who generally come from the educated segments of society are challenging the status quo; demanding equality in the family and society and calling for women’s economic, political, and social empowerment.