Feeling Grey .. Feeling Blue

Jasmine Elnadeem

It doesn’t take a lot to confirm that weather affects your mood, and in Sweden we witness more dark days than the bright ones.

Things has been a little gloomy when you wake up in the morning and see no light.

So it is time to take your vitamin D regularly and hope for the best.

Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

But what else can you do in these days to have a bit of fun?!

Oh baby, I got some tips for you:

1- Take a hike and see all the colored leaves. I actually moved to new place so looking forward to explorer the area around us.

2- Fika and more Fika. Yes Swedes love to have a lot of coffee breaks (fika) but in these days cafes feels more warm and cozy than the rest of the year.

Lunch with Kajsa at LOCALS

3- Mysa time. It means cozy up. You can do that alone or with friends. Light some candles, put some flowers and enjoy a drink or two.

4- Time to go to the museum. Last year I spent a lot of rainy days at different museums. Still there is the ABBA museum which I wish to see this year.

5- Get fit in the gym. More Swedes turn to escape the dark mornings and days by heading to the gym. It is natural to invest some quality time in oneself. Running outside makes no sense so the gym is an ideal place anytime.

Today I’m heading to the gym after work, I will have an early dinner then cozying up in front of TV or maybe I will curl up with a book.

Have a great day y’all! Puss Puss

Transform Your Life

Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

It is sometimes hard to wake up in the morning when everything goes wrong at the same time.

Lately a friend of mine asked me, from where I get my motivation!

I think after many years of living alone, trying to observe and learn from everyone and everything around me, I developed some ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people. I try everyday to find some strength and self motivation to go to work, finish a task, or even go to gym when it is challenging.

So how actually can you motivate yourself?!

Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

Here are some tips I believe that they can be effective to build self motivation:

  • Being a woman can be an advantage, so don’t think you can’t do it, actually because I’m a woman I believe that I can do many things better.
  • Ask for help and don’t battle through issues alone not to end up exhausted in the process.
  • I surround myself with inspiring people who I can learn from them and get motivation.
  • Learn, Learn, Learn. I love my curiosity which makes me eager to learn new things. I believe I don’t have to know everything, still I like to search or ask for more info about things I’m passionate about to learn more.
  • I started to work around the age of 16 and that taught me to push the doors until they open. Plus proving people wrong is sometimes a good goal to have, and till now I proved I can do it.
  • Identify a need then try to fulfill it. I also try to follow my gut instinct. And in the end you have to take a risk to make a difference.

The best way to achieve a goal is to commit to it no matter what it takes!

Wishing Y’all A Happy Weekend! XOXO

Fabulous Friday

Jasmine Elnadeem

Hey you! What a Friday .. It is truly Friyayyyyy.

I started my day waking up at 5.00 in the morning to finish my first week of training at Fashionablefit Bootcamp.

I met my boyfriend after and we went for a breakfast date. I love breakfast, I prefer to eat it straight away when I wake up.

Lilla Caféet på Söder - It offers a genuine home feeling!
Lilla Caféet på Söder – It offers a genuine home feeling!
Today I had everything, yoghurt with muesli, fresh juice, cheese sandwich, boiled egg and coffee.

After enjoying our breakfast under the sun, I went to have new nails. And Awwwwwww I went for the bold black and gold ones. I LOVE them!

Jasmine Elnadeem

My nails were done at Miss Fancy  by my super babe Felicia who spoiled me till the maximum.

After that I visited my beautiful chiropractor –Micaelas Kiropraktik & Kinesisk Medicin – who took a great care of me as usual. OMG I even fell asleep for few minutes because I felt so relaxed.

Then I went for shopping. Sweden means long winter and dry skin. Meh I don’t remember the last time when I spent way much money on moisturisers and body lotions to hydrate my skin.

Lately I have been using and trying many makeup products too and it is no joke. The cold air here just sucks all moisture out of your skin and leave it splotchy and cracked.

Yes every girl has her favourite brand of cosmetics and a couple of pretty good reasons for staying true to that brand.


Well, mine would be MAC but for now I’m gonna try the LAURA MERCIER SILK CREME full coverage foundation which includes silk proteins and tea extracts that leaves your skin looking smoother and softer. 

I also got with it this hydrating primer to allow the foundation to glide on easily. This one is ideal for dry skin and it is rich with vitamins. So let’s give them a try 🙂

HUGS babes, hope you had an amazing Friday! ❤