Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

OMG time goes by so fast! I remember when I celebrated my 25th birthday in Sweden in 2009, and now this old bat turned 32 years old. It sucks Hahahaha 🙂

I wanted to make this a bit more bearable so I decided to get on a plane to spend my birthday flying .. OHH YEAH!

Ahh I’m so excited! It’s gonna be such a fun day and in the night I will see my homies and best friends!

Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

Right now I’m at Arlanda Airport in the lounge drinking champagne and waiting for my flight down to Copenhagen then to Cairo, Egypt.

I remember the first time I got on a plane, I love flying like I love riding the Roller Coasters Lollllll.

Wishing you all a lovely and sunny days like mine



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When should you visit Sweden?

They say when it comes to weather, the ideal time to visit Sweden is during summer which usually during July and August.

However summer seems to be arriving early to Sweden this year and Thanks MAY for such an amazing weather.

Yes I finally can walk around with bare legs  and a T-shirt in Stockholm!

At this time, all the cafes and most attractions, including open-air museums, are open, having tables to lunch and dine in the open air to enjoy the sun.

Since it was a bit of long weekend for me, I have been out and about walking around the city, discovering new places and enjoying the beautiful sun!

Lately, I have been enjoying my time with Miley the dog. So nice. 🙂

IMG_4375Jasmine ElnadeemIMG_4420Jasmine Elnadeem

I’m always the happiest girl on earth around animals, they make me laugh, active and they give my self-esteem a kick. Maybe because the unconditional love they shower me with, or the fact that they’re completely nonjudgmental about me or my lifestyle.

I’m in love with Miley the dog. She is super sweet that I couldn’t get enough of her.

Summer is the most expensive time to fly to Sweden, as it is the peak season, but if you are here already then you are just so lucky to enjoy that amazing weather.

Hope you all tanned as much as me. Hahahaha

Puss Puss


Jasmine Elnadeem

Moving to a new country, trying to fit in as much as possible isn’t an easy task.

I won’t hide that lately I have been feeling emotionally overwhelmed. I know that I don’t show that and I usually smile at people’s faces but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel very tired. Too much to handle at one time.

I actually for the first time not being able to predict my own emotional state. Many want too much from me, too much of the time.

Jasmine Elnadeem

Yes everyone has triggers that make them more vulnerable to react to them, and unfortunately someone just pushed those triggers and made me remember an earlier trauma from a previous experience in my life.

But they say that flat tires are simply our opportunity to pull over and stop, to face our problems and to reevaluate the road we’re on.

So from now on, I won’t distract myself, but rather reframe my thoughts to manage my emotions.

Now I wrote about them, tomorrow I will talk with safe people and maybe one day I will learn how to cry them out when alone!