My Salad .. My Way!!


As I have been sitting in bed typing while feeling sick for a while. I wanted to chat about working out while sick. Do you do it? Do you rest? But what if youโ€™re sick multiple days in a row? Do you rest all those days?

I had a big workout week planned. Lots of heavy lifting and some cardio intervals, but then I had the flu which came with a horrible sinus headache, then I had to go for a surgery.

Sometimes in life it pays to suck it up and rally, and sometimes you have to know when itโ€™s time to rest and pay attention to your body. Being sick is one of those times. So all I did was – Rest, Reflect, and Recover!!

As I can’t be in the gym, I tried to eat healthy and drink lots of fresh juices to recover.


I got some fresh Mesclun Mix (Baby Green Romaine, Baby Red Oak Leaf, Baby Iceberg, Baby Spinach & Arugula) from the Inseason store located in Zamalek and customized it my way.
I added some almonds and fresh berries for the first salad.


And I added some Physalis, BlueBerries, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to the second salad.

My Salad My Way. Oh yeaaah it was Yummy for my tummy ๐Ÿ™‚

Not dieting .. It is a healthy journey!!


I gained some kilos extra during xmas and new year long holiday – me in “before” pic – then I started the #bfit3 on Monday 12/1/2015, and the “after” pic is taken yesterday on Thursday 16/1/2015 ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜

The truth is, I didn’t lose any lbs as I was hoping. I kept asking myself yesterday:ย Am I not flexing? I don’t have a six pack yet. Am I depressed? Do I feel fat? Do I feel insecure?!

NOO, not at all. I am on a lifelong journey, not a crash diet phase. The journey I’m on is about being healthy and loving myself whether I have a six pack or a little bit of baby ABS. Can you see my baby ABS?!


Everyday I try my best to live a balanced lifestyle and try to pick up, move on and not give up.

Yes with social media in our face everyday showing pictures of “perfect” bodies it’s sometimes hard to love ourselves but I’m taking it step by step and one day I will look my best. I’m gonna celebrate this baby ABS and remind myself that my journey is just that, trying to make that best better than yesterday.

I will work my butt off to get there but today I love myself and I’m just as confident with my body as I will be when I reach my goal.