Ⓐ Morning Date!


Towards the end of August, the Swedish sky begins to darken again, and the rhythm of the world change.

I don’t mind the cold so much but I don’t like the rain and still not used to always carrying a sweater and umbrella all the time.



Swedish autumn was so punctual this year, it started with raining day on the 1st of September but me and Jaime decided to beat today’s swedish rain by spending some time in a cosy coffee shop enjoying a hot drink and a healthy breakfast while doing some business.


We had our coffee at Espresso House which is in my opinion better than any other coffee competitor. They have excellent coffee and great variety, their baggels are very tasty and fresh and the decor of their stores are cozy, comfortable and relaxing. Yes It is a great choice for breakfast, quick snack, coffee or fika with friends.

But now it is time to say Nighty Nighty to all of you, as I will have to be up once again at 5.00 AM to start the Body Fit training.


Kvarg med Granola


Granola on repeat!! YES, I’ve practically been living off granola lately, LOL! It’s just so incredibly delicious. But we have actually run out now and I think I will need to get another batch. I don’t really crave anything but this golden crunch when I have a jar full of it at home.

I do mix the granola with kvarg (quark) and add some fresh fruits or a bit of white honey.


Why Quark?

Quark is the next big thing in nutrition. It’s tasty, filling, and it dominates Greek yoghurt in just about every nutritional aspect.

Quark is a fresh dairy product, popular in German-speaking countries, Slavic countries, and northern Europe. It has many different names in different languages, many of which pronounce it “kvarg”.

Dictionaries typically define quark as curd or cottage cheese, however unlike most commercial cheeses, quark contains neither rennet nor added salt.

And despite a very similar texture and appearance to Greek yoghurt, quark is not a yoghurt either.

Quark is high in protein … Much more so than Greek yoghurt. This is why flavoured quark is so popular in fitness communities, particularly in Scandinavian countries as Sweden where it is well-known.

Enjoy, Puss Puss 🙂



Whether you’re dieting or not, breakfast is a great way to help burn those unwanted calories.

Eating breakfast will also rev up your digestive system, and give your body energy to power through your day! A healthy well-balanced breakfast will help you to avoid snacking and over eating throughout the rest of the day!