Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

It is Sunday, and it is another beautiful sunny weekend for this spring before it would turn grey and wet again.

In Sweden you might end up spent pretty much the entire winter indoors, so it was about time to just be outside into the wide green fields, the sun and to see some pretty horses.






I took the bus with my boyfriend and we headed to Gärdet, northeast of Östermalm – Stockholm. Its official name is Ladugårdsgärdet. WOW I haven’t been there before and I just felt that I belong to that place especially when it is sunny.

Nature is a beautiful thing and it can be wonderful when you are able to surround yourself with it.

Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

Today isn’t officially the International Day of Happiness, but it was a very happy day indeed. I played with the horses, ran around, soaked up some sun and ate ice-cream.

I wonder why one can not really declare every day to be a day of happiness and share happiness in general.

Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

Sure, you can not just pass over happiness as we do with goods, but maybe there are little things you can do to make others happy. At least on a small scale.

In the end, we came home early to give my baby cats the quality time they deserve and to play with them. Meaw!

Hope y’all had a relaxed weekend too either indoors or outdoors.


Spoil your Friend


Good friends are a gift in life, and it’s important to find ways to surprise them every now and then to remind them how special they are.

Yesterday I spent my afternoon with Jamie, we done shopping, walked around town and ate together. Such a fun day!!


It’s so easy to take people we care about for granted, but nothing makes you feel more alive and joyful than experiencing true happiness with a friend or loved one. so make sure you take time to let those you care for know how much you appreciate them.



Last week, we also spent a whole day together, we started with a crazy early morning to get breakfast at Nytorget 6. WOW, great place for food and drinks, friendly staff. And the nice surprise is that you are allowed to get in with our dog.

Eating breakfast with a good company is a surprisingly easy way to make the whole day better.


If you have that friend who knows your deepest, darkest secrets, you know each other inside-out and you have more fun with her/him than anyone else in the whole wide world, then don’t forget to take them out and spend a day doing fun things and sharing memories.

But now Nighty Night to Y’all. XOXO

Cold days and Friends..

Jasmine Elnadeem

Jasmine Elnadeem

OMG Sometimes when it is -13C in Stockholm, I cannot remember why I chose to come to this country, but here I am, standing with my friend Jamie on the cold streets taking photos and having fun.

It’s amazing how our memories work and what sticks in it. We started this year by wandering the streets sharing stories and giggles.

After freezing our fingers, we decided to go for a healthy lunch, then we followed that by going to SATS to train together.

It is much easier to workout when you have friends that interested!

Jamie is gonna start her Piloxing training this week, so you should come and try it out with us. There is a lot to learn from her, and she generously shared with me some fun tips and showed me some techniques.

Wishing you a beautiful day! xoxo