Wonder Woman in real life .. 3 years a cancer survivor


What It Feels Like When You Know You Have Cancer?!

It’s a moment that every woman fears, the moment when the doctor says, “I’m sorry to tell you that you have breast cancer.”  Maybe you’ve been there yourself, or maybe you’ve been next to a loved one when she got the news.

The days that follow are full of shock, denial, fear, anger, and even sorrow.

I realised also during that period that the ones who think they know me, they really don’t know anything at all.

Oh yeah I passed all these steps till I decided that my life won’t stop there.

I felt it is time to run the marathon to survive and today I celebrate 3 years of surviving, fighting till the end and not giving up on me.

_DSF1879Remember you have to make your own choices and be happy with them. I’m reborn again and today is another birthday for me.

Love y’all!




Thanks What Women Want – magazine and my friend Reem Gamil for giving me the chance to share my story with others. I hope it can inspire men and women who wish to change for good. #ImReborn #Reboot_2015

My journey towards a healthier lifestyle started after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, then a few months later I was diagnosed with another in my uterus.

Sometimes simple choices so hard to make, even when they might benefit us, like going for a run or eating healthier food options. BUT if you believe that the changes we wish we could make, it will be so much easier to make those simple choices that benefit us — Thank you David Seisay for making making the healthy choice the default choice for me and many others.


Inspiring and maintaining personal behavior change is not easy, but ensuring a sustainable health attitude for a better future is absolutely worth it. Behavior change is neither simple nor linear; it will require greater awareness, commitment, innovation and determination.


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