Jasmine Elnadeem

What it feels like when you told that you have a cancer?!

When I was told I had a cancer, I didn’t yell, I actually laughed.

I don’t believe in fate or miracles. I believe that only my will can shape the future.

I always laughed when I panic!! Hahaha!!

Jasmine Elnadeem

The days that follow are full of shock, denial, fear, anger, and even sorrow.

I realised also that the ones who think they know me, they really don’t know anything at all.

My therapist lately told me that I’m a strong woman for being able to fight for myself over and over again.

But I have to say that I took long time working on my emotional state before I was able to actually share anything about my cancer to people.

Sharing my cancer story still not an easy task, I don’t know where to start, and when I do, people react to this kind of news in different ways.

Some reacted negatively for not knowing from the start. Others were reminded with their own fears about cancer and started to ask me questions as if I was an expert.

Jasmine ElnadeemJasmine Elnadeem

I believe that we are free to share what we want and I still refuse to share certain information which I consider very private.

In the end Knowing about other people’s personal experience of cancer can be a source of support and inspiration when you or someone you love is going through cancer treatment.


There is beauty in a woman whose confidence comes from experience. She is not afraid to take risks knowing if she should fall she can pick herself back up and move forward. I have started to do this and I believe that you can do too!!


To my anonymous “friend”


When I first wrote about having cancer it was a few years after my diagnosis when I knew I was going to survive.  It took a long time before I was able to share my illness with people.

My reasons for writing were not to look attractive – there are easier ways to look attractive – nor to inspire any of you, nor to ask for support or donations;  it was to kill my insecurities before they killed me.

A few days ago, after a blog post on surviving cancer, one of you who calls himself/herself a friend wrote  the following:

“Social media has become an easy platform for people to live their own lies. And an easier platform for more people to believe those lies”

 In his/her opinion “ugly people wear masks to look more attractive. Sick!”

It didn’t stop there, This same person decided to play the role of God on earth and save humanity from my lies which will destroy you all. So he/she sent an “anonymous” message to a certain magazine which had asked me if they could publish my story to inspire others, saying that he/she knows me personally and I never had cancer and he/she is sure of that.

So I was asked to provide names of doctors and medical reports to be published in the articles. I provided the name of doctors but refused to provide my medical reports for publication. I felt it was an unbelievable intrusion into my private sphere to have my medical records shown to everyone.

 I know that person has no life and I don’t need to prove anything to any vindictive person.

What many of you don’t know about me is that I didn’t approach any media institute to write my story though I know many and I work as a journalist.  I didn’t use my sickness to get anything. At this moment I have no job, I live somewhere else, I’m depressed and my family decided to abandon me for choosing a certain path in my life. So basically I have no one.

I really appreciated all the nice comments and private messages I got, but none of those messages helped me either financially or emotionally in real life. I never give medical advice but rather pointed people towards good doctors, organizations or even my personal trainer.

So I do not need to act like I am famous or that I know it all to be attractive. I am attractive to the people who matter to me without having to pretend to be anyone other than who I am.  Except of course to that person who enjoys causing me harm, who pretends that he/she knows me well.

A person with cancer isn’t a person who must be helped. This kind of stigma can play a toxic role among people. That’s why no one says they have cancer. We do not want to be pitied. Cancer comes in many shapes and it is so many different diseases. Often we don’t know exactly what causes it, and this can lead to different interpretations of what brings it on and a lot of misconceptions. People with cancer don’t look or behave in certain way, and if they do not look emaciated and sick, that doesn’t mean they are lying.

To any of you, how do you know me personally? You and many people here know what I want to share, not less or more than this.

You made me feel shit trying to find logical questions (as my boyfriend said) for non logical attitudes. Is publishing pictures of me sick on Instagram or giving public updates about my therapy or asking  for donations the only way to be respected? Is the only acceptable way for a cancer sufferer to act the one that makes them a victim? Is it unacceptable for a cancer sufferer to look and act just like you? Or do we have to be role models inspiring you? We are not defined by our illness and we do not need to conform to anyone’s idea of idea of how we should act or look other than our own. That is stigmatization.

But thanks for the lesson, next time you don’t need to be anonymous, because you are known to me. And I really hope that you feeling good about yourself right now.

Wonder Woman in real life .. 3 years a cancer survivor


What It Feels Like When You Know You Have Cancer?!

It’s a moment that every woman fears, the moment when the doctor says, “I’m sorry to tell you that you have breast cancer.”  Maybe you’ve been there yourself, or maybe you’ve been next to a loved one when she got the news.

The days that follow are full of shock, denial, fear, anger, and even sorrow.

I realised also during that period that the ones who think they know me, they really don’t know anything at all.

Oh yeah I passed all these steps till I decided that my life won’t stop there.

I felt it is time to run the marathon to survive and today I celebrate 3 years of surviving, fighting till the end and not giving up on me.

_DSF1879Remember you have to make your own choices and be happy with them. I’m reborn again and today is another birthday for me.

Love y’all!