Happy Easter .. Glad Påsk


For me, health & fitness is about improving my life, not making it miserable. So It’s important to find a balance that makes you happy, healthy and motivated!

Easter is knocking the door and it is not realistic for a lot of us to say we won’t eat any chocolates/candy.

After my power walk today I decided to have a Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny because it reminds me of my childhood. I’m gonna enjoy my treat and won’t regret it!!

One unhealthy meal won’t ruin your progress, so don’t let it ruin your life and state of mind. Happy Easter to y’all.



The itsy bitsy bikini workouts


Every woman wish to look fabulous and feel confident in that itsy bitsy bikini. Right?!

OMG I joined the Bikini Fit with David Seisay and Molly Rustas and other wonder women. #bfit4

When David sent me a message says “get ready — it’s going to be a very sweaty session” I smiled but never imagined that it will be a great training session with high-intensity, total-body workout that burns fat and torches major calories. The moves we did all the session, worked all our major muscle groups, amp up our heart rate, and challenged our fitness, leaving all of us with a happy body. I’m sure that those six pack will appear soon begging us to be shown off in the teeniest two-piece. WOW GO GIRLS!!


With a mix of inspiration and tough love, both David and Molly pushed us to work harder at each workout and they worked with us too.

They really impressed us with their motivated attitude towards every single woman, and they pushed us to new limits to torch calories, not just burn them. Also, they were mixing up the workouts so we stay challenged, what kept our heart rates up and forced our bodies to burn more calories.

In the end we all enjoyed the workout as a group, leaned how to work together as a team and that’s an amazing feeling!!!!!


NO one size fits all!


There is no “one size fits all”, so think lifestyle change, not short-term diet, set goals to keep you motivated, ask for the help and support of a professional. My personal trainer @daviddflexseisay didn’t only share with me his experience about how to exercise in a smart way, but also helped me to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle!! 


Today, I’m a fitgirl .. What does that mean? 

It means that food is my fuel and that I eat plenty of healthy, nutritious food. It means that I workout to feel and look healthy, not to match any beauty ideals of society. It means that I’m happy, satisfied and strong and don’t let others put me down. I’m proud to call myself a fitgirl.