Get Sweaty .. Be Happy!


Sweaty but happy after a tough workout at the gym! Damn I’ve been really good this week. Today I’m done with my 5th (!!) and last workout for this week, then I’ll rest my body tomorrow 🙂



Because I workout alone, sometimes I have NO motivation at all on my way to the gym but when I get started I just want to do more and more. I always feel so damn good after. I’m also starting to feel fit again! Now time for Power Walk!

Hugs & Kisses babes xoxo

Shake up society standard!


A lot of people like to tell me that there was nothing wrong with me before and I didn’t need to change anything. They’re half right. 

From the outside, I looked fine and I never felt the need to make a change based on my looks, which is what took me so long of leading an unhealthy lifestyle to actually make a change. But what you can’t see by looking at someone on the outside is their health. 

This is what people need to realize – skinny people can be just as unhealthy as someone who is bigger than them. But, because they look ok by society’s standards, they don’t need to make a change!! Sorry, NO!!

I needed to make a change determined by the state of my health. If you’re unhealthy and you make a positive lifestyle change, it WILL naturally be reflected in your body. Focus on your health and your body will reward you for it. 


Getting Back To The Gym!!



Good morning! How are you? Look who’s back to the GYM!! I feel better after being helpless for a week, O-op, O-op 🙂

Yesterday I had my bestfriend back to Cairo after a work trip and we went for a sushi dinner then we had ice-cream. It feels amazing having him back especially that he made me laugh so hard from my heart.

I woke up super early today because I will have to fight hard to get my training routine back again. Guess everyone have their ups and downs, I hope I will have enough energy for it.

Ohhhhh that amazing feeling after the power walk, I missed my gym and so happy to be back. Puss Puss XoXo