NO one size fits all!


There is no “one size fits all”, so think lifestyle change, not short-term diet, set goals to keep you motivated, ask for the help and support of a professional. My personal trainer @daviddflexseisay didn’t only share with me his experience about how to exercise in a smart way, but also helped me to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle!! 


Today, I’m a fitgirl .. What does that mean? 

It means that food is my fuel and that I eat plenty of healthy, nutritious food. It means that I workout to feel and look healthy, not to match any beauty ideals of society. It means that I’m happy, satisfied and strong and don’t let others put me down. I’m proud to call myself a fitgirl.


I ⓁⓄⓋⒺ Mondays!!


MONDAY .. I actually ⓁⓄⓋⒺ Mondays. I know, wtf?!

For me it’s an opportunity for a fresh new week, a chance to plan everything I’m doing and then do it.
Today is the start of week 3 for the Bikini Fit Challenge #bfit3 oh yeaaaah!

Some serious progress going on! It takes time but when you love training, and keep on eating clean, it just goes by so fast!

I’ve been watching my diet for a while, till it became something natural, I’ve been training hard for a while, but the main thing is that I never missed a day of training for the last two weeks!

Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, intelligent direction, sincere effort, skilful execution, and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.

Got defined ABS with #bfit3


My ABS started to brewing something serious in week one and this is my week two of Bikini Fit Training .. Wiiiii Wahooooo!! ABS are more defined. Hurrah!!
Today this is not my weight this is my lean body mass.

Sometimes it doesn’t look like much is happening and that’s when people give up. Don’t give up, know that a change is happening.
Yes my weight has fluctuated but I’m improving. A normal scale won’t tell you that so don’t get so discouraged so fast, just believe in your journey because the scale doesn’t show when you trade fat for muscle.

As my personal trainer David Seisay always says, let’s get these ABS ready for summer baby .. Tihi Yeah!!


This is big for me. I’m very proud of myself. I can’t wait to lean out and see what package I’m bringing to this year!!

2015 = New year, new dreams, new chances, new goals, new chapter and this is an opportunity to BECOME what I always wanna be.

Don’t listen to anyone than you cause you are the only one who know what is the best for you.